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We are a group of Dallas citizens committed to carrying the torch for our relationship between Dallas and Valencia, Spain, our Sister City.  As you may know, Dallas and Valencia, Spain share a very special relationship.

In 2007, a group of Dallas citizens, led by Janet Kafka, Honorary Consul of Spain and Dr. Elba Garcia, then Mayor Pro Tem of Dallas, traveled to Valencia with Dr. Mark Roglán, Director of the Meadows Museum (representing S.M.U.).  In the Calatrava-designed Riena Sofia Palace of the Arts, a cooperation agreement was signed which would become the basis of our relationship with that region.

In 2008, President Francisco Camps, President of the region of Valencia, visited Dallas with a group of Valencian citizens. 

In 2010, Mayor Tom Leppert traveled with a group of Dallas citizens to sign our sister city agreement in Valencia.

To support this sister city relationship, a citizens committee was formed in Dallas and another in Valencia.

2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Dear Dallas:
    As a former Dallas area resident now on sabbatical in Houston, I am very proud to see that our city had the wisdom to adopt the treasure that is Valencia! I had the
    privilege of visiting this extraordinary city while on assignment in 2009.
    Valencia is worthy of calling itself a travel destination extraordinaire. Not only does it boast ancient architecture, but thanks to Santiago Calatrava, it also has the most
    futuristic architecture I’ve seen yet.
    The city is home to several haute couture fashion designers, including Marta de Diego, Pepe Botella, Francis Montecinos, Dolores Cortes and others. Valencia is also replete with fashionable boutiques, restaurants and museums. Add to that a citizenry that is civilized and sophisticated, while friendly and welcoming, and you have the makings of a great Spanish city. The word is out, and Dallas was smart
    to enlist the help of Janet Kafka to lay the groundwork for a sisterly relationship!

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